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Stress-Free Website Maintenance

Don’t waste your time trying to recover a hacked site, making sure all your viewer’s data is secure or staying on top of updates.

Monthly Plan Options

Hosting + Security

Candor Web Solutions only uses top-of-the-line hosting and security software to make sure its clients receive the best protection possible. With sub-par hosting and security measures, your site is susceptible to hackers and won’t perform well in search engines.



Our managed cloud-based hosting is robust! It will speed your site up, provide daily backups in case of an emergency.


Accompanying that, we use intelligent software to make sure your site is protected from any malecious intent. This includes routine software updates, 2FA login, and security checks.

Intermediate Maintenance Plan

The intermediate Maintenance Plan is the perfect choice for those who want to ensure their website is always running smoothly. With top-of-the-line hosting and security, as well as regular website maintenance, you can rest assured your site will always be up and running.

1-Hour of Changes

If you want to make changes to your website, no problem! With the intermediate maintenance plan, I will gladly take care of that for you. Whether you want to add a new service or change the way something looks, I will be there to help you make the changes you need.

Traffic Report

I will send you a monthly report detailing what your website users are doing on your site. This information is valuable to businesses as it tells you what content is most relevant to your customers. Together, we can use this data to better customize your website and improve the user experience.

Legally Required Policies and Conditions

Internet Privacy is a rapidly growing field in the legal world. There are new laws being proposed and passed continuously to protect consumer data. That is why I rely on my partnership with lawyers and legal experts to keep my client’s sites compliant with current laws and updated as new laws are passed. 

Premium Website Maintenance Plan

Our premium website maintenance plan is the perfect solution for busy business owners who want to take a hands-off approach to website upkeep, but also keep their site releveant with monthly content and strategy. Along with hosting, security, legally required policies, and monthly reporting, you’ll also get blog content with this plan.


2-Hours of Changes

If you want to make changes to your website, no problem! With the premium maintenance plan, I will gladly take care of that for you. Whether you want to add a new service or change the way something looks, I will be there to help you make the changes you need.

Royalty Free Assets

Whether you want to change an image out on your website or use something for a blog post, you’ll have access to my library licensed photos, videos, and more.

Monthly Marketing Strategy Call

I love marketing and helping businesses grow! Let’s strategize and create marketing plans together to help your business reach its full potential. This call is all about your business, what you’re currently doing, analyzing results, and creating a strategic game plan for you to take things up a notch. I’ll be bringing my years of marketing experience and fresh ideas to the table, and together we’ll create a plan that’s tailored specifically to your business and its goals.

Blog Content

Creating a monthly blog is a fantastic way to increase traffic to your site. It is important for local SEO, and it provides your customers with valuable resources.

I will write a blog based on prediscussed topics, that contain relevant keywords, and automatically post it to your site. I will also create a social media post for you to share on your social platforms to generate awareness and traffic to your site.

Privacy Policy FAQ

Does my website really need a Privacy Policy?

If you are collecting personal information (e.g. name and email on your contact form), or using any form of analytics, you are required to have a Privacy Policy. Currently, the following laws require Privacy Policies for most websites: 

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); 
  • UK Data Protection Act 2018
  • Tennessee Information Protection Act
  • California Online Privacy and Protection Act of 2003 (CalOPPA); 
  • California Privacy Protection Act (CCPA); 
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA);
  • Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act (DOPPA);
  • Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 603A; 

There are also about a dozen other states that are proposing their own privacy laws that would require most businesses to have a Privacy Policy and would affect how that Privacy Policy is written, requiring you to make changes on a pretty regular basis.

Why do I need a Terms of Service?

Terms of Service is a great way to answer frequently asked customer questions and protect yourself from liability. Terms of Service provide the following: 

  • If you sell products and services, it provides information on refunds, order cancellations, and returns. This will help answer customer questions and will take them further down the path to actually buying; 
  • It will protect your intellectual property by making sure that everyone who goes onto your website knows that your logo, name, etc. are yours; and
  • If you have links to third-party sites on your website (e.g. social media links), it will help protect you in case the user gets a virus from that third-party website. 


Can I just copy and paste someone else’s Privacy Policy?

You could try and copy and paste someone else’s Privacy Policy, rewrite it to fit your website and then paste it onto your website. However, by doing so, you’d be committing copyright infringement, which could get you sued. Also, you don’t know whether that policy is compliant with the current laws and it won’t auto-update for you, meaning that you’ll have to keep track of the changes to the law which are increasing. Having Termageddon generate a policy for you is much easier, less time consuming and safer. 


Do I need a Disclaimer?

You need a Disclaimer if you do any of the following on your website: 

  • Display advertisements; 
  • Display or sell health products (e.g. vitamins and supplements); 
  • Participate in affiliate programs (e.g. Amazon Affiliates); 
  • Provide health and fitness advice or tips; or 
  • Provide any information or tips that could be seen as legal advice. 

If you do any of the above, the Disclaimer will help you provide required disclosures, participate in affiliate programs (some programs require you to have a Disclaimer to participate) and will reduce your liability in case something goes wrong.

Do I need an End User License Agreement?

You need an End User License Agreement if you are licensing software that a user can download. An End User License Agreement will help you with the following: 

  • Limit your liability in case a user gets a virus or is otherwise injured by using your software; 
  • Help protect your income stream by making it clear that the software license may not be shared with others; and 
  • Protect your intellectual property by making sure that the user knows that he or she is not allowed to reverse engineer or otherwise copy your software.
How do I know if I’m collecting personal information on my website?

You are collecting personal information on your website if you have a contact form that asks for the user’s name, email, or phone number. You are collecting personal information if you ask for the user’s email to sign them up for an email newsletter. 

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